Sports Performance
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Sports Performance

New Group Sports Performance Program!

The Sports Performance Program at Ko Wellness is all about helping athletes take their game to the next level.

Quick Look: Client Testimonial

What’s training like at KO WELLNESS?

Check out our Sports Performance Training at Ko Wellness & Rehab Center. Watch highlights from Taylor’s training session customized to increase performance on the court while decreasing the risk of injury. Our programs provide athletes with the best training to get you where you want to be.

What is Sports Performance Training?

Sports Performance Training at KO Wellness is all about providing individuals with the technical and physical training need to perform at their highest potential level.

For young athletes, we want to build a solid foundation of sport-specific skills as well as a passion for the sport. As they grow older and continue with our program we want to support and guide them towards discovering their athletic potential. We also want them to understand what it means to set & achieve goals.

KO Wellness provides sport-specific training in areas such as: Volleyball, Football, Hockey, Soccer, and more. Our training methodologies are geared to help athletes not only perform their best, but significantly reduce the risk of future injury.

Sports Performance Training for Youth Sports

  • Volleyball
  • Soccer
  • Football
  • Hockey

Featured Videos

Meet Gillian

Middle blocker for New Trier high school & athlete for Wildcat Juniors Volleyball Club. Goals: knee preventive rehab, jump training, lateral speed & strength training.
Watch Gillian’s Video »

Meet Sabrina

Outside hitter for Loyola academy and athlete for Wildcat Juniors Volleyball Club. Goals: jump training, speed/agility training & strength training.
Watch Sabrina’s Video »

Meet Elizabeth “Eford”

Middle blocker for Loyola Academy and athlete for Wildcat Juniors Volleyball Club. Goals: jump training, lateral speed & strength training.
Watch Elizabeth’s Video »

Quick Look: Volleyball Sports Performance Training

Training with Maddie

Get a quick look at Sports Performance Training at Ko Wellness & Rehab Center. Watch highlights from Maddie’s volleyball training session uniquely designed to increase performance on the court while decreasing the risk of injury. Our youth training programs provide athletes not only with the tools to improve their performance but knowledge of how their choices off the court, between games, and during practices affect their game.


I first came to Will the January of my freshman year in high school, because I wanted to get more playing time and my coach said I needed to get faster and stronger. Will was able to help me achieve my goal and make it possible for new ones to pop up, for example I am now heading to play at a division two school for volleyball. When I first came to Will I just wanted to play, but over time I saw playing in college as a viable option, which came true.

Will not only helped me get stronger and faster of the years, but I had a few injuries such as knee and shoulder problems that he was able to help monitor and be able to get me playing again. I didn’t only get stronger, but I gained knowledge on proper technique and how to exercise in a gym. I am very thankful that I was introduced to Will, because he has helped me achieve a new level that I didn’t know I was capable of.

by Lauren Emmert

Fitness & Nutrition

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