Sports Performance Program
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Sports Performance Program


Next Level Performance

Athletes use Ko Wellness’ training to push themselves to the next level of performance. With their dedication and our support, TEAM KO athletes can:

Get stronger, faster, and quicker for the next game

Learn key injury prevention strategies for career longevity

Gain competitive edge needed to stay ahead

Sports Performance Program Overview

Good athletes excel in either Agility, Speed, or Strength. Great ones excel in all. The Sports Performance Program at Ko Wellness is all about helping athletes take their game to the next level. Whether they’re an athlete looking to play in high school or college, we help them become faster, stronger, and more prepared than ever before!

Training Sessions Include

ASSESSMENT & ORIENTATION: to identify strengths, areas of improvement, and injury risks

PROGRESSIVE TRAINING: in a goal-oriented program:

  • Dynamic Warm-up with Prehab Exercises (injury prevention)
  • Muscle Activation Exercises
  • Mobility Training
  • Strength Training with Progression in Exercise and Resistance
  • Agility/Speed Training
  • Plyometric/Explosive Training
  • Recovery Techniques

Our programs help create more opportunities for young student athletes to improve on their skills & reach the next level

A Note From Dr. Will Ko

Hey everyone!

I’m excited to tell you about our NEW Sports Performance Program!

Over the past years, I’ve been lucky to work with an increasing amount of successful athletes in various sports. I typically provide training to youth athletes 1-on-1, but have recently seen great work in small groups.

To serve you better, we’ve developed a time & cost-effective program where we can see more athletes, more often, while continuing to provide excellent performance training!

We’ve setup a program where athletes train in small groups. Within each session, we build progressions with all elements of their fitness so they reach new levels by the time they finish!

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The advantage of training our custom training means we can reduce the density of the workout. This ensures optimal recovery, and emphasize different aspects of their training. This schedule allows us to spend more time working on injury prevention, mobility, and recovery.  These aspects are critical not only for their training, but also for the nature of their sports.

During the program, we’ll perform assessments. This is a great way to measure pre-training performance, and allow us to reassess as they exit the training program to record improvements.

During the following weeks, each session will be broken down into two 30 minute halves. The first half will include our dynamic warm-up, the dynamic warm up with include exercises that not only activate important parts of the body, but we will also include movements and exercises that promote mobility and injury prevention.

Next, we will work on some element of speed training and plyometric training. Depending on which training day it is, the workout may include jump training, lateral or linear speed training, or change in direction training.

The second half, we will work on strength, core, and recovery.

With strength training, we use different methods of resistance training to build symmetrical and functional strength. Some methods we use are bodyweight, free weights, machines, kettle bells, bands, and TRX bands.

Strength training will be done in small circuits that typically include a lower body movement, upper body movement, and core movement.

Finally, we will finish each session with some stretching and foam rolling to maximize recovery, and make improvements in ROM and flexibility.

Working in small groups means the athletes have an environment to build comradery, competitiveness, leadership, and teamwork which not only builds better athletes, but better people.


I first came to Will the January of my freshman year in high school, because I wanted to get more playing time and my coach said I needed to get faster and stronger. Will was able to help me achieve my goal and make it possible for new ones to pop up, for example I am now heading to play at a division two school for volleyball. When I first came to Will I just wanted to play, but over time I saw playing in college as a viable option, which came true.

Will not only helped me get stronger and faster of the years, but I had a few injuries such as knee and shoulder problems that he was able to help monitor and be able to get me playing again. I didn’t only get stronger, but I gained knowledge on proper technique and how to exercise in a gym. I am very thankful that I was introduced to Will, because he has helped me achieve a new level that I didn’t know I was capable of.

by Lauren Emmert

Message us for details

    KO Wellness & Rehab Center
    193 Northfield Rd.
    Northfield, IL. 60093
    Phone: 630-254-0581

    Note: There are no refunds if you do not show up for your training day.  However, we have a make up day if you miss.  If you have pre-planned change in your sports schedule, we can make adjustments to the training day or time slot if given enough notice. 

    Contact us for more information or to schedule consultation.