Q&A with Lauren
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Q&A with Lauren

Question: Give us a quick introduction!

Lauren: Hi I’m Lauren Emmert, a middle blocker from Michigan Tech.


Question: When did you start playing volleyball?

Lauren: I started playing prior to 6th grade.


Question: How do you stay motivated? Who are you motivated by?

My team. I play for them! I train and do everything outside of the court for them to help us all achieve what we want.


Question: What are your goals for this year?

Just trying to get faster. I’m coming off surgery in January, so I’m trying to keep get stronger and at least come back to where I was last fall.


Especially as a middle blocker, we have to move side to side along the net to block the middle, outside, [and] right side. Be able to get there in time to block – to help our defenders. As the game progresses, and sets get faster and faster, I have to be able to keep up with that and also get off the net to come back in and attack at a one-tempo speed.


Question: When did you start working with Will?

I stated with Will my freshman year of high school & he definitely laid the foundation. Before that I had never really lifted. I never did actual training just for getting stronger. He helped me exponentially, in that my coach was even like, “Hey! Who are you going to? I gotta send some people over too!” And so, he definitely has taught me what I needed to work on, areas that may need more work. It definitely wasn’t one thing we just worked on: [it was] speed, upper, lower, everything!


Question: Why is off-season training important to you?

Staying in shape all throughout is important. You need to stay strong. You need to stay fast. Every little bit can help you in the next season to get you that edge over your competitors.


Question: Of often do you train?

4-5 days per week.


Question: What’s the best remedy for recovery from an injury?

Rehab! Strengthening the muscles so they can support your ankles, knees, shoulders, etc. Big muscles, small muscles, so many different things that need to be aligned to work together properly.


When my knees and shoulder started bothering me, I would come to him and we would focus on that for the day. He was very helpful in trying to get me back to where I needed to be to keep helping the team.


Question: Advice for young high school athletes?

Take every opportunity you can and just keep going!

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