Robbie Marie Laxamana
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Robbie Marie Laxamana


I highly recommend Dr.Will Ko to anyone who needs help recovering and reconditioning. I started with Will 3 weeks after having surgery on both feet. His knowledge of physical therapy provided me with the proper stretches and exercises to improve strength and range of motion. After a few sessions of intense physical therapy, I was able to ease into my normal workout regimen and work routine without discomfort. Along with his physical therapy expertise, Will is very knowledgeable in nutrition. He immediately critiqued my diet and provided me with a meal plan that would lead me to a healthy eating lifestyle, and would later help develop an exercise routine to get back in the best shape of my life.

Will’s experience, dedication, and wisdom as a personal trainer has definitely shown in the way he trained me. He would plan a workout specifically for me on what areas that i wanted to concentrate on. He would also mix up the workouts so my body wouldn’t get used to the same routines.

From lifting weights to doing plyometrics, each session was geared towards completing my goals of recovering from surgery, toning my muscles, and losing weight.

Will has a great working relationship with the owners of the private workout facility where his office is located. As a client, I would be able to come in well before my training sessions to stretch and do cardio. Will was also flexible with my schedule as he would sometimes take me earlier or later depending availability.

When I started to train with Will in February 2011, I was at 126lbs. My goal was to get to 110lbs by summer, but at the end I got to 106lbs. I couldn’t believe I lost 20 pounds!!! Thanks to Will’s professionalism and attentiveness I was able to achieve my goals of recovering from surgery, toning my body, losing weight and living a healthy lifestyle.

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