Wendy Lee
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Wendy Lee


This is my journey..I was always in shape, active and modeling prior to having my daughter in 2009. After my pregnancy I worked extremely hard to get back to my pre-pregnancy body in which I did and then some but as time went by being a full time mom, in a full time demanding career and slowly time got the best of me. I lost myself somewhere far enough that I got to a point that I wasn’t happy with how I felt and needed some additional help than what I could do. I reached out to @drwillko who took me in as a client to help get me back on track. Knowing that I was fully committed and now being held accountable (by myself) for my results made me more disciplined driven. Having that respect for my Coach who believed in me and always so positive that I didn’t want to not let him, my daughter or myself down.

Left pic was taken March 2015, June 2015, August 2015 and then October 2015 (right pic) showing one week out from my first NPC Bikini Competition in October 2015 that I won. I’m eternally grateful for this amazing journey I’m on and all the wonderful people I have met on the way but a special thanks to my amazing Coach Willes Ko for giving me the tools to help get me there is priceless because I have achieved more than what I could have ever imagined! In 7 months I’ve achieved beyond what I put my mind to! Think about what you can achieve if you also did the same!

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